The Countdown Collection

An Introduction

The Countdown Collection is a celebration of the endurance, adaptability and unwavering commitment to producing whisky of the highest quality using traditional methods. The whiskies in this five part series are a tribute to the generations who have contributed to the success of Springbank under the steadfast leadership of J & A Mitchell.

The Countdown Collection series will feature one special bottling released each year from the distillery in the lead up to our landmark anniversary. Each edition will be limited to just 500 bottles exclusively available via ballot to Springbank followers around the world.

These whiskies are just one part of what will be a wider celebration of this huge achievement for the distillery which has remained independent and family owned throughout its 200 year history.

A variety of special events, experiences and prizes will be on offer in the lead up to and during our 200th Anniversary Year in 2028 so there is lots to look forward to and share with all those who have supported and taken interest in the distillery, or simply enjoyed drinking the whiskies made here over the years.

We hope you will join us on this exciting and inclusive journey, counting down the years to this momentous milestone.

Representatives from the Production and Sales Team hosted a live discussion for the launch of the Countdown Collection in 2023 – you can watch it by clicking HERE

Countdown Collection: 2024 Release

Click the button for more information about the 2024 Countdown release. Please note, the ballot goes live on Friday 8th March 2024.