Our Distillery

Our distillery is housed in buildings that date as far back as 1828, combined with those that were used for the now distinct distilleries of Longrow, Rieclachan, Union, Springside and Argyll.

As the only Scottish distillery to complete 100% of the production process on site, with human involvement at each and every stage, our distillery is busy and bustling.

The only distillery to malt 100% of our barley

Light floods through the windows of the historic buildings, the distinctive aroma of malting barley fills the air and round every corner, you’ll find our skilled, passionate team; hard at work crafting our world renowned whisky.

Proud of our heritage and dedicated to quality, our team have retained many of the traditional processes used by their predecessors decades, even centuries, before them.

We are the only distillery in Scotland to malt 100% of our barley using traditional floor malting methods. Furthermore, much of our distillery equipment has been maintained and respected by us over decades. Combined, this helps us not only to maintain the historical charm that Springbank possesses, but helps us to ensure that our whisky is consistently of the highest quality.

Our processes have also led to us being the only distillery in Scotland to produce three distinct malts from one site, offering whisky enthusiasts a mix of tastes and sensations from our Campbeltown home.

3 distinct malts from 1 site

All year round, we welcome whisky lovers from around the world to journey through our unique and historic distillery alongside our friendly and knowledgeable team – because almost two centuries since its birth, Springbank is still, without a doubt, best experienced in person.

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