The Place

Our distillery is located in Campbeltown, a picturesque Scottish town situated at the southern end of the Kintyre Peninsula on the glorious west coast.

Dividing the Firth of Clyde and the Atlantic Ocean, a sea breeze swirls around the air and a soft Scottish misty glow travels through the town that is rich in heritage, and of course, rich in whisky history.

Once a bustling fishing village and proclaimed ‘whisky capital of the world’, in times past the sails of vessels could be seen billowing in Campbeltown Loch, while rippling smoke from the chimneys of distilleries filled the sky.

Looking back in time, Campbeltown is unarguably as big a part of the history of whisky as the famous drink itself. Used as a smuggling centre for the most part of the 17th and 18th century, many a bottle of Scotland’s famous liquid was distilled illegally.

Once home to over 30 distilleries, Campbeltown gained a reputation for delivering high quality whisky in the 19th century, something that saw an increased demand from blenders.

Much of Campbeltown’s whisky heritage can be linked to its location – easy to access by boat and so close to Ireland that the back gardens of homes can be seen with binoculars on a clear summer’s day.

Today only three distilleries stand, two of which, Springbank and Glengyle, are owned by J&A Mitchell and Co and run by the fifth generation of the Mitchell family to be involved in the distilling trade.

The wish made in the famous Scottish folk song Campbeltown Loch, ‘I wish you were whisky’, never was granted – but luckily visitors to Campbeltown today can enjoy a tour of our distillery and toast with a dram that has been produced here at our Scottish home. They can also have the opportunity to take in beautiful scenery and enjoy the many attractions that the town has to offer.

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